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Tasks to do after a Death

On the death of a loved one, in addition to the grief of the loss, there is often a sense of loss of what to do next. There are obviously many things to do over a prolonged period. These tasks can be difficult since we do not have the information and support that the elders and others normally provide in similar situations in India. Further, many of these tasks are more formalized and legally specified in the USA. These tasks are herein grouped roughly into three categories for convenience and explained in detail in the links below.

These are tasks to be performed almost immediately regarding final rites and legal steps lasting about a couple of weeks or so.

These are tasks to take care of details related to the decedent’s affairs and may be done in a few weeks.

These are legal and financial tasks to finally settle the estate and may take several months to complete

A Survivor's Checklist of tasks that need to be performed after death of a loved one is provided for your convenience. It will facilitate and assure timely completion of all obligatory and/or required social, religious, legal, financial and accounting tasks as discussed in the three categories above.

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